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We are from Connecticut originally and have most recently lived in North Carolina, USA. We are starting a new life in South America so our retirement $'s will go farther toward a new way of life and a new adventure.Prior to June of 2010 we never thought a move such as this would be possible or advantageous for us. And, that is why we call this blog "Retirement: Plan B" We intend to see and do as much as possible in our retirement. Spend quality time with family, friends and each other.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

hats in Cuenca

We have been seeing lots of different hats in Cuenca. Some are silly and I think they probably want to be. Some hats I don't think the  wearer realizes they are silly, and some are just hats that anybody would look good in. But, then again, it is only one man's opinion and maybe I look silly and don't realize it when I'm out and about. This is not a call for people to tell me one way or the other I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss right????
So go ahead and form your own opinions

 Hasta Pronto and happy Memorial day
Dale and Joan

Friday, May 11, 2012

We have been keeping busy with a lot of very serious stuff, such as keeping the search going for good restaurants and taking care of the very serious errands that I have written about before.
  We have gotten into walking again and when it is not raining we get in some exercise. It is good to get out and see the different parts of the city. We always seem to find something new. I have never lived in a city as large as Cuenca so I don’t know if that is the way it is in other places or not.

We went to the movies the other night at the Millenium Plaza. Wednesday is half price day and the movies are cheap (by US standards) to begin with. After the movie we went to the food court and found that the new Subway shop has opened. It was doing a pretty good business that night. We later found there will be a Subway shop at Mall Del Rio, too. We don’t find that too exciting because we weren’t big fans of Subway when we were in the states even though they started in our hometown.

Mick and Kathy wanted to know if it was the same as in the states. They said it was pretty much the same

One Sunday morning walk we saw this group of bike riders. We have trouble crossing the streets when we walk especially when we come to the round abouts. The cars never stop for pedestrians but  the lead rider just held up  his hand as he rode into the round about and the traffic stopped and waited for every bike to go by. 
    We went with Mick and Kathy, this past Saturday, to a nursery outside of town. The plants are not expensive and Joan has promised to do all she can not to kill them so we bought a few and they are now in the living room.

We went back to the store "Artecto Muebles", which is on Gran Columbia, where we had our dining room table and our living room tables made and had them make the table for the plants in the picture below. We also had them make an end table for the living room. We showed them a picture from the internet of what we wanted and they made it for us in just 2 weeks.

We have begun going to a dentist that was recommended by several of our friends. His name is Ricardo Rodriguez and his office is at Salano Av and Miguel Cordero. The office is very modern and his english, while not perfect, is more than good enough  I haven't compared his prices with others but from what I am told he is comparable to what others are charging here. After talking to him about his prices for caps, crowns and bridges I think it is very likely a person could come to Cuenca on vacation and have dental work done and still spend less than the cost of the dental work at U.S. prices. A cleaning is $35 and a cap is $200. We know of one person who is selling medical tours for plastic surgery here and I would think dental would not be any different. 

The picture below is of the Tomebamba River

These people were outside of the Coffee Tree. I think they were posing for pictures. The camera club is housed in the building behind the bus.

Some flower arrangements in a store we walked by in El Centro

  We are enjoying everyday and wishing the rain would give us a break. Unfortunately, the weather is getting cooler as we are getting into our winter (if you can have a winter in the land of eternal spring) but to paraphrase the t-shirt philosophy A day in Cuenca is better than a day at work.
  Hasta pronto and Happy Mother's Day to all
Dale and Joan